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Midwest League 1981

Season Highlights

Batting Leaders

  • Batting: Ed Saavedra (Waterloo/Indians) .336
  • Home Runs: Glen Walker (Wausau/Mariners) 35
  • Runs Batted In: Glen Walker (Wausau/Mariners) 111
  • Stolen Bases: Harold Reynolds (Wausau/Mariners) 69

Pitching Leaders

  • Wins: Edwin Nunez (Wausau/Mariners) 16
  • Won/Lost:  
  • Saves: Conrad Everette (Wisconsin Rapids/Twins) 18
  • Earned Run Average: Ken Pryce (Quad City/Cubs) 1.98
  • Strikeouts: Edwin Nunez (Wausau/Mariners) 205

Major Change

1981 Season
MWL Fan's Guide

Post-Season All-Star Team

Catcher               John Fimple         Waterloo/Indians
First Base            Kenneth Foster      Wisconsin Rapids/Twins
Second Base           Harold Reynolds     Wausau/Mariners
Third Base            Randy Ready         Burlington/Brewers
Shortstop             Darnell Coles       Wausau/Mariners
Outfield              Henry Cotto         Quad City/Cubs
                      Jim Eisenreich      Wisconsin Rapids/Twins
                      Ed Saavedra         Waterloo/Indians
Designated Hitter     Kevin King          Wausau/Mariners
Right-Handed Pitcher  Edwin Nunez         Wausau/Mariners
Left-Handed Pitcher   Richard Adair       Wausau/Mariners
Right-Handed Reliever Conrad Everett      Wisconsin Rapids/Twins
Left-Handed Reliever  Raymond Gallo       Burlington/Brewers


Most Valuable Player   Ed Saavedra        Waterloo/Indians
Prospect of the Year   Harold Reynolds    Wausau/Mariners
Manager of the Year    Gomer Hodge        Waterloo/Indians
Best Playing Facility  Cedar Rapids
Most Improved          Clinton & Waterloo (tie)



  • Matt Bullinger (Waterloo) 11-2 (.846)
  • David Cataline (Quad Cities) 171 strikeouts by hitter
  • Edwin Nunez (Wausau) 2.47, 16-3 (.842), 205 strikeouts
  • Russell Piggott (Quad Cities) 400 assists @ 2B
  • Ken Pryce (Quad Cities) 1.98
  • Ed Saavedra (Waterloo) .336
  • Glen Walker (Wausau) 35 HR, 111 RBI


  • Wisconsin Rapids hit 10 grand slam home runs

Notable Games

  • April 20
    • No Hitter: Greg Bangert (Clinton) beat Burlington 4-1; Game 2 (7 innings)

The Midwest League plays Single-A, professional baseball in America's agricultural and industrial heartland. 16 teams play a 140 game schedule which begins in early April and ends Labor Day weekend.

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