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Midwest League 1982

League and Team Leadership

League Officers

  • President/Treasurer: William K. Walters
  • Northern Division Vice President: Bob Arterburn
  • Southern Division Vice President: Ed Larson
  • Honorary Vice President: Jim Doster
  • Secretary: Doris Krucker
  • Directory of Publicity: Gerry Kissinger


 #   Name                Hometown
 4   Mike Felt
 5   J. Bryant Hance     Lubbock, TX
 6   Jeffrey M. Evans    Northfield, VT
 7   Mark Hirschbeck
 8   Ray J. Kluever
 9   Shawn Kimball       Augusta, ME
10   Steven Kriz         Hudson, IA
11   Danny Lee Johnson   Sarasota, FL
12   Dennis P. O'Connor  Holyoke, MA
14   Larry Vanover       Owensboro, KY
15   Dan Wickham         Waterloo, IA
16   Kevin Wurgler       Bismarck, ND

This roster of late July, from a Wausau Timbers program insert. This list may well be incomplete.

My thanks to Shawn Kimball for a helpful note about his career.

Major Change

1982 Season
MWL Fan's Guide

Team Leadership

                 President               GM
Appleton         Bill Sands              Jeff Overton
Beloit           George Spelius          Dave Tarrolly
Burlington       Ollie Richardson        Lawrence Avery
Cedar Rapids     Harold "Pinky" Primrose Don Buchheister
Clinton          Paul Larson             Claude (Gus) Stokes
Danville         Lou Eliopulos           Dan Overstreet
Madison          E. Joseph Ryan, Jr.     Ed Janus
Quad City        Carl Jorgesen           Roger "Gabby" Crow
Springfield      Whitey Herzog           Lee Landers
Waterloo         Jerry Heber             Marshall Adesman
Wausau           Lyle Weden              Jack Roeder
Wisconsin Rapids John Keehn              Greg Kipfer

Coaching Staffs

                 Manager          Coaches
Appleton         Adrian Garrett
Beloit           Terry Bevington
Burlington       Marty Scott
Cedar Rapids     Randy Davidson      
Clinton          Wendell Kim 
Danville         Gus Gil
                 Aurelio Monteagudo
Madison          Brad Fischer        Frank Harris*
Quad City        George Enright
Springfield      Dave Bialas      
Waterloo         Gomer Hodge         Vic Albury
Wausau           R.J. Harrison       Gary Pellant    Mike Bucci
Wisconsin Rapids Ken Staples

Coaches may be missing from this list. Any help would be appreciated.

Ballpark Information

                           Stadium                   Capacity Attendance
Appleton                   Goodland Field            4,300       81,970
Beloit                     Telfer Park               3,100       81,512
Burlington                 Community Field           3,500       59,292
Cedar Rapids               Veterans Memorial Stadium 6,000      101,096
Clinton                    Riverview Stadium         3,600       89,352
Danville                   Danville Stadium          4,500       44,105
Madison                    Warner Park               3,000      127,639
Quad City (Davenport, IA)  John O'Donnell Stadium    8,500      157,960
Springfield                Lanphier Park             5,000      108,182
Waterloo                   Municipal Stadium         5,400       73,579
Wausau                     Athletic Park             3,000       43,077
Wisconsin Rapids           Witter Field              3,000       37,748

The Midwest League plays Single-A, professional baseball in America's agricultural and industrial heartland. 16 teams play a 140 game schedule which begins in early April and ends Labor Day weekend.

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