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Midwest League 1990

League and Team Leadership

League Officers

  • President/Treasurer: George Spelius
  • Vice President: Ed Larson
  • Vice President: Jim Cutler
  • Honorary Vice President: Jim Doster
  • Secretary: Doris Krucker
  • Legal Counsel: A.G. Patterson
  • Office: Nancy & Mary Spelius


#  Name                Hometown
 3 Erik deSonnaville   Meadow Vista, CA
 4 Michael Snader      Phoenix, AZ
 5 Robert Ashley       Springfield, OR
 6 Andrew Fletcher     Memphis, TN
 7 Martin Foster       Denver, CO
 8 Paul Nauert         Shively, KY
 9 Marvin Wright       Covington, KY
10 Jeff Nelson         Salt Lake City, UT
11 Gerald Schmitt      Crestwood, IL
12 Bryan Wilber        Madison, WI
13 Mike Everitt        Aztec, NM
14 Mark Erramouspe     Rock Springs, WY
16 James D. Hacker
17 Michael Huber       Greenville, IL
19 Michael Pietro      Phoenix, AZ
20 Chris Jarboe        Lutherville, MD

This is the originally-assigned umpire staff. Information about pairings and about staffing changes would be welcome.

Major Change

1990 Season
MWL Fan's Guide

Team Leadership

                President           GM
Appleton        Paul VanderHeyden   Jim Rodgers
Beloit          Tim Monahan         Steve Kretz
Burlington      Dave Walker         Paul Marshall
Cedar Rapids    Bob Nance           Don Buchheister
Clinton         Ed Kross            Kevin Temperly
Kenosha         Bob Lee             Bob Lee
Madison         Chuck Barnhill      Jeff Jurgella
Peoria                              John Butler
Quad City       Richard Holtzman    Mike Tatoian
Rockford        William McKee       Bill Larsen
South Bend                          John Baxter
Springfield     Fred Kuhlman        Lee Landers
Waterloo        Dan Yates           Jim Peterson
Wausau          Pete Heitman        Jack Roeder

Coaching Staffs

                Manager          Coaches
Appleton        Joe Breeden      Mike Jirschele Andre Rabouin
Beloit          Rob Derksen      Jeff Nate
Burlington      Jim Saul         Eddie Watt     Phil Wellman
Cedar Rapids    Dave Miley       Terry Abbott
Clinton         Jack Mull        Steve Cline
Kenosha         Steve Liddle     Rick Anderson
Madison         Casey Parsons    Bert Bradley
Peoria          Greg Mahlberg    Lester Strode
Quad City       Don Long         Mitch Seoane   Joe Georger
Rockford        Mike Quade       Sid Monge      Rob Leary
South Bend      Rick Patterson   Kirk Champion  Mike Barnett  Jim Reinebold
Springfield     Keith Champion   Roger Erickson
Waterloo        Bryan Little     Ron Oglesby    Glen Glynn
Wausau          Mike Young       Chet Nichols   Carlos Bernhardt

Coaches may be missing from this list. Any help would be appreciated.

Ballpark Information

                           Stadium                   Capacity Attendance
Appleton                   Goodland Field            4,300       84,396
Beloit                     Harry C Pohlman Field     3,100       95,876
Burlington                 Community Field           3,500       81,230
Cedar Rapids               Veterans Memorial Stadium 6,000      121,340
Clinton                    Riverview Stadium         3,600       75,325
Kenosha                    Simmons Field             3,000       53,373
Madison                    Warner Park               4,000       82,490
Peoria                     Meinen Field              5,000      195,671
Quad City (Davenport, IA)  John O'Donnell Stadium    5,000      204,889
Rockford                   Marinelli Field           4,500      140,864
South Bend                 Stanley Coveleski Stadium 5,200      212,485
Springfield                Lanphier Park             5,000      161,271
Waterloo                   Municipal Stadium         5,400       82,451
Wausau                     Athletic Park             3,000       56,434

The Midwest League plays Single-A, professional baseball in America's agricultural and industrial heartland. 16 teams play a 140 game schedule which begins in early April and ends Labor Day weekend.

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