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Skilton's Link of the Week, 3 to 9 May 1998 A Fan's Guide to the Midwest League

A Fan's Guide to the Midwest League

The Midwest League plays Single-A, professional baseball in America's agricultural and industrial heartland. 16 teams play a 140 game schedule which begins in early April and ends Labor Day weekend.

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This site contains over 900 pages of information about the Midwest League and its predecessors, covering the period from 1947 through 2009. There are sections which chronicle MWL history, including many pages documenting manager careers, and there are complete rosters for every Midwest League city. There are writeups for most All-Star games played under the sponsorship of the Midwest League or its predecessors.

Midwest League seasons from 1973 through 2009 have reasonably complete coverage; prior to that the pages are generally sketchy. There is no information on the site for the 2010 season, nor do I expect there will be information any subsequent seasons.

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