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Midwest League Reference Book

Midwest League History

This page is a gateway to's Midwest League History project.

These questions have answers here:

At the bottom of this page are links to MWL History pages on other websites.

Major Change

MWL Fan's Guide

MWL History: An Overview

The Midwest League has existed for six decades, and each decade had notable characteristics.

Each of these pages begins with a short essay describing the league's environment during the time period. Most of the information in these pages, though, is contained in tables.

MWL Predecessors

Other MWL History Sections on this Site

Note: These sections are on-going projects. In general, I'm working backwards through the league's history, and have completed 1983. I add the most recent season each fall, and add two historical seasons most winters.

Reference Section
Lists: of award winners, league records, no-hitters, and similar materials.
Midwest League Cities
Detailed information about each MWL city's participation in the league. There's limited information in this section before 1983, though I'm working on providing more.
Midwest League Affiliates
A breakdown of MWL affiliations, and other details, for each big-league franchise. Another section whose pre-1983 information needs more work.
Season Summaries
Information about each summer's pennant race. Limited information prior to 1983 at this time.
Midwest League Profiles
Short portraits of MWL figures. Most are players, though the list includes several managers, a writer, and an umpire. These tend to emphasize their MWL seasons and usually only briefly touch on the rest of their baseball careers.
Midwest League Managers
Career summaries for the men who've managed MWL teams on the field. All managers who've worked in the MWL since 1983 are profiled; managers prior to that season are listed.
Midwest League Ballparks
Information about the league's playing facilities.
Spring Training
Yes: Our teams have Spring Training, too. This page lists the locations for each team, and each season.

Seasonal Coverage

For the past few years, we've been covering the then-current season on this website. Links to an archive of that activity:

Other Minor or Midwest League History Pages on the Web

The Minor Leagues

MWL Teams, MWL Cities

  • Appleton, WI (Appleton Foxes, Wisconsin Timber Rattlers)
    • Minor League Baseball's site ranks the 1978 Foxes as one of the best teams in minor league history.
    • The Timber Rattlers's website has a nice history of Appleton baseball.
  • Beloit, WI (Snappers)
    • The Snappers website tells about baseball in Beloit.
  • Davenport, IA (Swing of the Quad Cities)
    • The Minor League Baseball website ranks the 1933 Davenport Blue Sox--a Three-I team, but a predecessor of the MWL franchise--number 58 on its list of all-time teams.
    • QC Times columnist Bill Wundram offers a terrific personal reminiscence about the Davenport Blue Sox, other baseball history.
  • Grand Rapids, MI (West Michigan Whitecaps):
    • The Whitecaps website tells how the team came to town, and shows how things have worked out.
  • Waterloo, IA (Royals, 1975)
    • Minor League Baseball's site ranks the 1975 Royals as Number 60 on its all-time list.

Sister Leagues

  • Kevin McCann's Kitty League site traces the long history of our league's neighbor/predecessor to the south, the Kentucky-Illinois-Tennessee League.

Reference Book


The Midwest League plays Single-A, professional baseball in America's agricultural and industrial heartland. 16 teams play a 140 game schedule which begins in early April and ends Labor Day weekend.

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