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Alonzo Powell

Two Midwest League seasons:

Playing Career

  • Drafted/Signed: Giants, free agent, 1983 ()
  • Professional Career: Nineteen seasons, mostly in Triple-A, much of it in the Seattle organization; also played on year of Indy ball and spent several seasons in Japan. Won three consecutive batting championships in the Japanese League.
  • Midwest League: Played at Clinton in 1983 & 1984.

Management style

Powell's an extremely conservative manager by all the measures I track: He doesn't like to risk baserunners, he rarely lets pitchers complete games, and he rarely calls for either bunts or intentional passes.

Major Change

MWL Fan's Guide

Alonzo Sidney Powell

DOB: December 12, 1964 San Francisco, California

Year Team League

2009 Tacoma Pacific Coast (AAA) Mariners Coach
2008 Tacoma Pacific Coast (AAA) Mariners Coach
2007 Seattle American (ML) Mariners Minor League Hitting Coordinator
2006 Dayton Midwest (A) Reds Hitting Coach
2005 Dayton Midwest (A) Reds 139 1 10 167 .69 39 60 79 .443
2004 Dayton Midwest (A) Reds 140 0 5 182 .64 29 48 92 .343
2003 Chattanooga Southern (AA) Reds Hitting Coach
2002 Chattanooga Southern (AA) Reds Hitting Coach
1983-2001       Playing Career

Minors 2 Seasons   279 1 15 349 .66 68 108 171 .387
Coach 5 Seasons  

Total 2 (7) Seasons   279 1 15 349 .66 68 108 171 .387
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Key to the Manager Statistics

G = games
CG = complete games
IBB = intentional walks
SBA = stolen base attempts
SB% = stolen base percentage
SH = sacrifice hits (bunts)
W = wins
L = losses
PCT = won/lost percent

A note about using stats to compare managers.


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