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Beloit Snappers

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This page is a profile of the 1998 Beloit Snappers, a Single-A affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers and a member of the Midwest League. The main object of this page was to give clues about which players you should watch when the Snappers visited each team; this page was first published in April and was updated through the season.

Except when another date is specified, statistics on this page are through the end of the season.

Beloit, Wisconsin; affiliated with the Milwaukee Brewers.
Manager: Don Money
Coaches: Floyd Rayford (hitting), Randy Kramer (pitching)

High Attendance: 3,070 (May 16)
Low Attendance: 308 (April 27)
Average Attendance: 927 (through end of season)
1997 Season Average: 1,311
Note: These unofficial numbers may have errors.

Post-Season Profile

The Snappers looked like a decent team, but they never put the pieces together, mostly because the pitching rotation never found its footing. They had one of the League's very best players, some very good pitchers, and some interesting prospects--but the team wasn't a success.

Bucky Jacobsen led the MWL in home runs and runs batted in (100!), and had the League's most visible fan club. Jake Kraus hit nearly as well, but played far fewer games. Jeffrey Deardorff was another power source; Garret Osilka was the team's only speedster.

The pitching rotation's probably a bit better than it looked, but the team's pitching strength was in relief. Jason Childers and Mark Kirst are very talented, and Jack Krawczyk showed lots of promise. Brian Mallette had a good year as this team's closer.

MWL Fan's Guide

Team Profile

Season Summary

  • First Half: 35-36 (.493), 3rd, 5.0 behind
  • Second Half: 29-39 (.426), 5th place, 10.0 behind
  • Pitching: 64-75, 3.80, 11 CG, 9 shutouts, 32 saves, 1041 Ks
  • Hitting: .261, 659 runs, 93 homers, 65 steals
  • April: 10-11 (.476)
  • May: 15-13 (.536)
  • June: 10-16 (.385)
  • July: 14-14 (.500)
  • August: 12-17 (.413)
  • September: 2-6 (.250)

  • Best Player on the Team: Outfielder Bucky Jacobsen

  • Best Starting Pitcher: Jason Childers (1.92, 8-6, 117.0 IP, 110 Ks)
  • Bullpen Stopper: Brian Mallette (3.09, 2-1, 23 saves, 55.1 IP, 76 Ks)
  • Best Strikeout Pitcher: Brian Mallette
  • Best Control Pitcher: Jason Childers

  • Best Hitter: Bucky Jacobsen (.293, 96 runs, 27 HR, 100 RBI)
  • Highest BA: Jake Kraus (.314)
  • Home Run Leader: Bucky Jacobsen (27)
  • Best Batting Eye: Jake Kraus
  • Best Baserunner: Garret Osilka

July Profile

They improved in July, but the Snappers aren't delivering the goods. They've got a star outfielder, a couple very good hitters, and a terrific bullpen. The rotation's a bit weak, but not that weak. This team always has a chance to win....

Outfielder Bucky Jacobsen slowed down his home run pace last month, but still leads the league and remains an MVP candidate. Second baseman Garret Osilka would be a star on most teams, and DH Nick Caiazzo would be an excellent hitter if he could learn not to swing at everything. The pitching talent lives in the pen. Closer Brian Mallette is having an excellent season, while Brian Schubmehl, Mark Kirst, and Kevin Priebe are nearly as effective in setup roles.

One more to watch: First baseman Jake Kraus.

June Profile

In June they collapsed. On paper, this looks like a decent team; in practice, they've been embarrassing themselves out there. The Snappers have decent pitching and fine hitting; their defense is pretty sloppy, though.

Outfielder (and MWL RBI and homer leader) Bucky Jacobsen is having a spectacular season. He's supported by second baseman Garret Osilka and catcher Brian Moon, both of whom are fine players. Several other offensive players are hitting well. The Snappers are getting decent pitching from everyone in the rotation, and excellent relief from Brian Mallette (this team's closer), Jason Childers, and Mark Kirst. Kirst, in particular, appears to be a special talent....

May Profile

The Snappers have developed into a solid team with a couple stars; in general, there's nothing unusual about their play. The baserunners don't run much. The pitchers tend to throw strikes.

Bucky Jacobsen's having a very good season, so far, as is second baseman Garret Osilka. Most of the pitching staff is decent--especially the relievers, despite the low save total.

April Profile

The Snappers have been playing OK, but there's really nothing special about this team. Like many MWL teams this summer, they've got a fine pitching staff. This team does not run often, perhaps because it does so poorly on the rare occasions it runs at all.

Pre-Season Profile


This is Don Money's first professional managing assignment.

Where they played last season

The Snappers mostly played in the Pioneer League last summer; the Helena and Ogden clubs are about equally represented on this roster.

Team     League         W/L    Place    Hitters Pitchers
Stockton California (A) 70-70   6(10)       0       0
Beloit   Midwest (A)    60-73  11(14)       2       3
Helena   Pioneer (R)    37-34   5(8)        6       6
Ogden    Pioneer (R)    36-35   6(8)        5       6

One player came from outside the organization; and one played part of the 1997 season at a higher level in the system. A couple players were moved during the season and are counted twice in this table.

Team Age

This information is based on the opening-day roster.

  • Oldest Player:
    • Jake Kraus, 24 (10/13/73)
  • Youngest Player:
    • Ramy Beatriz, 19 (1/15/79)
  • Average Team Age:
    • Pitchers: 21.8
    • Position Players: 21.6
    • Team Average: 21.7

First Round Draftee

  • none


  • Al Hawkins
    • 1998 Midwest League All-Star Game selection
  • Bucky Jacobsen
    • 1998 Topps/NAPBL Class A Star: outfielder
    • Baseball America 1998 Class A All-Star: outfielder
    • Baseball America 1998 Post Season MWL Prospects: Number 8
    • 1998 Midwest League Post-Season All-Star Outfielder
    • Baseball America Best Tools: best power prospect
    • Midwest League Hitter of the Week for July 5-11
    • Howe SportsData Emerging Prospect
    • 1998 Midwest League All-Star Game selection
    • Midwest League Hitter of the Week for May 10-16
    • Baseball America 1997 Brewers Draft Analysis: best professional debut
  • Doug Johnston
    • Baseball America Brewers Post-Season Prospect Summary: best minor league pitcher
    • Howe SportsData Emerging Prospect
    • 1998 Midwest League All-Star Game selection
  • Scott Kirby
    • Pioneer League All-Star: first base
    • Pioneer League leader: runs, walks
  • Jake Kraus
    • Pioneer League leader: on base percentage
  • Brian Mallette
    • 1998 Midwest League All-Star Game selection
  • Brian Moon
    • 1998 Midwest League All-Star Game selection
  • Wellington Sanchez
    • Baseball America Top Brewers Prospects: best infield arm




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