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Midwest League 2002

League and Team Leadership

League Officers

  • President/Treasurer: George Spelius
  • Vice President: Ed Larson
  • Legal Counsel/Secretary: Richard Nussbaum
  • Administrator: Kristin Oster


 Name              Hometown
 Scott Barry       Quincy, MI
 Steven Bretz      St. Johns, MI
 Charlie Carillo   Staten Island, NY
 Delfin Colon      Houston, TX
 Eric Eckert       Chesterfield, MO
 Chris Griffith    Fort Worth, TX
 Rick Hammond      
 Robert Hansen     Milbank, SD
 Matt Kaylor       Grain Valley, MO
 Jeff Latter       Lincoln, NE
 Brandon Leopoldus Colorado Springs, CO
 Joe Maiden        West Hills, CA
 Josh Miller       Coral Springs, FL
 Robert Morris     Redwater, TX
 D.J. Reyburn      DeWitt, MI
 Brent Rice        Jackson, MI
 Arthur Stewart    Frankfort, IL
 Chris Thomas      
 Chris Tiller      Carthage, TX
 Jake Uhlenhopp    Nevada, IA
 David Uyl         Caledonia, MI
 Todd Waters       Coppell, TX

Pairings seen

  • Reyburn/Uhlenhopp
  • Kaylor/Stewart
  • Maiden/Colon
  • Hansen/Barry
  • Rice/Uyl
  • Waters/Miller
  • Griffith/Tiller
  • Leopoldus/Uyl
  • Maiden/Bretz
  • Maiden/Morris
  • Kaylor/Thomas
  • Latter/Carillo
  • Waters/Eckert
  • Bretz/Hammond

Major Change

2002 Season
MWL Fan's Guide

Team Leadership

                President               GM
Beloit          Marcy Olsen             Brian Schackow 
Burlington      Dave Walker             Chuck Brockett
Cedar Rapids    Wally Krouse            Jack Roeder
Clinton         George Chaney           Ted Tornow
Dayton          Robert Murphy           Robert Murphy
Fort Wayne      Andrew Appleby          Mike Nutter
Kane County     Mike Woleben            Jeff Sedivy
Lansing         Tom Dickson             Greg Rauch
Michigan        Sam Bernabe             Tony DaSilveira
Peoria          Rocky Vonachen          Rocky Vonachen
Quad City       Kevin Krause            Dave Ziedelis
South Bend      Alan Levin              Christian Carlson
West Michigan   Scott Lane              Jim Jarecki
Wisconsin       Larry Trucco            Larry Trucco
                                        Rob Zerjav

Coaching Staffs

                Manager         Coaches
Beloit          Don Money       R.C. Lichtenstein* Jason Bates
Burlington      Joe Szekely     Jose Bautista*     Patrick Anderson
Cedar Rapids    Todd Claus      Keith Comstock*    Todd Takayoshi
Clinton         Dave Machemer   Reggie Jackson*    Stan Hough
Dayton          Donnie Scott    Ted Power*         Brian Conley
Fort Wayne      Tracy Woodson   Gary Lance*        Tom Tornincasa
Kane County     Steve Phillips  Gil Lopez*         Pete Sanagorski
Lansing         Julio Garcia    Mike Anderson*     Mike Micucci
Michigan        John Massarelli Stan Boroski*      Brian Dayett
Peoria          Danny Sheaffer  Gary Buckels*      Tony Diggs
Quad City       Jeff Carter     Gary Lucas*        Floyd Rayford
South Bend      Dick Schofield  Von Hayes          James Keller*
West Michigan   Phil Regan      A.J. Sager*        Tim Hyers
Wisconsin       Gary Thurman    Brad Holman*       Dana Williams

*pitching coaches

Ballpark Information

                             Stadium                   Capacity Attendance
Beloit                       Harry Pohlman Field        3,501     74,096
Burlington                   Community Field            3,502     58,711
Cedar Rapids                 Veterans Memorial Stadium  6,000    196,066
Clinton                      Alliant Energy Field       3,000     78,550
Dayton                       Fifth Third Field          7,250    571,094
Fort Wayne                   Memorial Stadium           6,316    260,166
Kane County (Geneva, IL)     Philip B Elfstrom Stadium  7,350    510,390
Lansing                      Oldsmobile Park           11,000    380,820
Michigan (Battle Creek)      C.O. Brown Stadium         6,600     84,723
Peoria                       Pete Vonachen Stadium      5,200    
                             O'Brien Field              7,500    254,407
Quad City (Davenport, IA)    John O'Donnell Stadium     6,200    117,559
South Bend                   Stanley Coveleski Stadium  5,000    181,021
West Michigan (Grand Rapids) Fifth Third Ballpark      10,900    400,166
Wisconsin (Appleton)         Fox Cities Stadium         5,500    199,210

The Midwest League plays Single-A, professional baseball in America's agricultural and industrial heartland. 16 teams play a 140 game schedule which begins in early April and ends Labor Day weekend.

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